Christmas Raffle 2017

Please use the donate button on the left to purchase your tickets for the 2017 Conservative Christmas Raffle. Buying your tickets online using a credit/debit card will not only save you the time and inconvenience of sending a cheque, it will also save us the cost of the reply-paid postage!

Tickets cost £1 each. First prize is £5,000, with 150 second prizes of £10 each. The draw will take place on Friday 8th December 2017.

Entries must be received by Friday 1st December to be entered in the competition, and you must be 16 or over to play. As soon as your payment is received, the office will complete tickets in your name and we will send you an email with a note of the numbers.

  • £5 buys you 5 tickets
  • £10 buys you 10 tickets
  • £25 buys you 20 tickets with the remainder as a donation
  • £50 buys you 20 tickets with the remainder as a donation.

Money received will help raise funds for the Edinburgh Conservative Association. Thank you for your support and good luck!