Edinburgh Council Leader branded “out of touch” on SNP Car Park Tax

Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs has branded the leader of Edinburgh Council, Adam McVey, “out of touch” over his parking levy comments.

The Parking Levy is a proposed charge in the SNP/ Green Scottish Budget that would see people pay an estimated £400 a year to park at their work.

Lothian MSP Briggs, says that the new charges have not been properly thought through and the impact on families in the capital and surrounding areas has not been considered.

Mr McVey said that the charge would be £1 or £2 a day, however, Mr Briggs says that the impact on hard working families an extra £365 a year, should not be underestimated.

This is on top of a 3% rise in Council tax, that is already squeezing the budget of many hard working families, whose budgets are already tight.

It is not just people in Edinburgh who will be affected by the new charge, but also people from surrounding areas, such as West Lothian, Midlothian and the Borders.

Many people find driving a better option, with ScotRail trains cost soring, constant delays, cancelations and overcrowding, which makes taking the train a much less attractive option.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:

“The Parking Levy proposed in the SNP Scottish budget has not been thought through properly and could have a significant impact on hard working families in Edinburgh and across the Lothian’s.

“Just this week the Derek Mackay admitted that no analysis had been carried out on the SNP’s proposed Car Park Tax.

“Mr McVey’s off handed comments that workers would just pay £1 or £2 a day are disrespectful and show just how out of touch this SNP / Labour run Edinburgh City Council has become with people in Edinburgh it is meant to serve.

“We all understand the logic behind encouraging people not to drive their cars for short journeys, but this just isn’t the way to go about achieving it.

“The SNP / Labour run Edinburgh City Council seem to tax hard working people at any chance they get, whether that is for garden waste collection or to go to work.

“This is an unpopular idea that will hit hard working families indiscriminately across Lothian. The SNP Car Park Tax is a complete mess. It’s time the SNP, for once, listened to people and think again.”   


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