Edinburgh Council: Re-open Braid Road Immediately

Re-open Braid Road Immediately

Miles Briggs MSP and Morningside’s Councillor Nick Cook have started this campaign to demand Edinburgh Council’s SNP/Labour administration re-open Braid Road without delay. 

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In May, the Council rushed through the closure of Braid Road under the auspices of Covid-19 emergency powers. They did so without any substantial consultation with residents or local Councillors, leading to strong protest from Cllr Cook. 

There may have been a case, during the early phases of lockdown, for a strict time limited closure of Braid Road to aid social distancing. However, it is clear that with many restrictions eased and children back at school, the road needs re-opened immediately to reduce inconvenience for residents and re-route the traffic that the closure has displaced to nearby streets, including outside South Morningside Primary on Comiston Road.  

Only the Edinburgh Conservatives have consistently voiced concerns at the impact of this closure and have led the opposition to the move in the City Chambers.

Regardless of which political party you support – or if you support none at all!– show your support for our campaign to make Edinburgh Council re-open Braid Road immediately. 


Miles Briggs MSP and Councillor Nick Cook 

Working for Edinburgh Southern and Morningside Ward 

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