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Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative & Unionist MSP for Lothian, is challenging Edinburgh’s SNP Councillors to stand up for Edinburgh’s council taxpayers and oppose the Scottish Government’s council tax reforms. Under the Scottish Government proposals, council tax will rise for the 37.7% of city households who live in band E-H homes, compared to a national average of 26.5%.

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Conservative Party Conference Day Four

We are a party that – under the strong and proven leadership of Theresa May – is determined to build a country that works for everyone. As our 2016 Conference comes to a close, join us on Facebook for the Prime Minister’s speech.

Conservative Party Conference Day Three

Our mission to build a better Britain begins with two commitments – to keep our country safe and united. As well as ensuring that the bond between the four nations of our United Kingdom continues, we believe in building a society that brings people together.

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The City of Edinburgh

This map shows the City of Edinburgh area that we serve.

This covers six Scottish Parliament constituencies in the Edinburgh area, including Edinburgh Central, Northern and Leith, Southern, Eastern, Western and Pentlands. We also cover the five Westminster constituencies in Edinburgh, including Edinburgh North and Leith, South, West, South West and East.

Clicking on the arrow below reveals a map of events and news articles near you, that will grow over time. Individual events and news articles are represented by pins of different colours and you will be able to click on them to find out more information.

We will update the map with new news stories, events and campaigning sessions as they happen. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

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Pentlands Lunch Club

Monday, 14th Nov 2016
The Pentlands Lunch Club is holding a lunch in the Braid Hills Hotel, 134 Braid...

Pentlands Lunch Club

Monday, 12th Dec 2016
The Pentlands Lunch Club is having their Christmas lunch in the Braid Hills Hote...