Miles Briggs Raises Over £2000 in Charity Leg Wax

Last week Lothian Region MSP Miles Briggs endured a charity leg wax to raise money for children with life-limiting conditions, collecting over £2000 for the Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

When Miles posted a photo of his Christmas socks in support of CHAS' #festivefootweafriday campaign he swiftly attracted attention, but not for the reasons intended. Twitter commentators were quick to comment on the hairiness of Mr Briggs' legs and so providing the inspiration for his charity challenge.  

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP and Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame MSP promptly volunteered to assist the Lothians MSP with his challenge and to take up waxing duties, a task they apparently took to with relish. 

Speaking after his ordeal, Miles said "I can’t say it wasn’t as bad as I thought because it was as bad as I thought. I’ve learnt exactly what womankind across Scotland go through and my respect for them has quadrupled."

"Christine Grahame owes me big time. She took far too much pleasure in what she did today."

"I’m delighted to have this opportunity to raise money for CHAS, we’ve raised over £2,000 today. For charity, a bit of pain is worth it.”

Maria McGill, chief executive of CHAS remarked: “It’s been wonderful to see Miles get behind CHAS and raise money in such a novel way.”

For those that missed it at the time, a video of the event can be found at…