Difficulties Crossing at Craigleith Hill Crescent Junction

Residents of Inverleith Ward have contacted local councillor Iain Whyte over road troubles. They have told Iain that it can be difficult exiting the Craigleith Hill estate from the Crescent onto Craigleith Road. The junction is littered with poles signs and a Royal Mail storage box and vehicles parked in the bay can be very close obscuring the view of oncoming traffic travelling from the West.

Iain said:

“I am pleased to say that, after pushing for a while, I have finally persuaded Council officers to change the parking bay immediately West of the Crescent junction so that cars aren’t parked quite so close. This will improve sight lines into the traffic and is very welcome in case the area around the junction becomes busier in the future should development go ahead on the Royal Victoria Hospital site."

“The improvements may take some time as the parking bay is part of the Priority Parking Control Scheme on Craigleith Road. This means a Traffic Regulation Order may be required even though the bit of bay in question does not have any control lines. The legal process can take a while but I will continue to press for this to be done soon and for as much of the clutter of signs to be removed as possible.”