Ravelston Quarry Planning Concern

Like many local residents, Iain Whyte was concerned to hear that planning permission has been granted for three houses to be built in Ravelston Quarry.

Cllr Whyte said: “This damaging decision makes no sense to me as numerous previous applications for housing on this site have been turned down – even after appeals. No wonder when the site is in the Green Belt and is covered by Open Space, Special Landscape Area and Local Nature Conservation Site designations." 

“It is annoying that local councillors who are not on the Planning Committee can no longer make a presentation on applications they are concerned about. In the past I fought applications here directly at Committee and by ensuring the site was in the Green Belt in the local plan.

“Unfortunately, the Committee has chosen to ignore local views, including the Community Council, and inexplicably overturn a recommendation from officers that the plan be rejected."

“The new Council being elected in May really must create and stick to a viable Local Development Plan. It must also take better account of local views for everything from small sites like this through to major development areas like the damaging proposals for housing at Cammo.”